As a freelance virtual assistant we can help you out with the following tasks during office hours from Monday – Friday:

Organisation & Planning
– Complex diary management and verify the attendees in advance
– Control of your inbox (screen and follow up)
– Screen and follow up incoming calls
– Travel arrangements (local & international), including Visa, taxi & making reservations
(hotel, taxi etc.) all against the best deals
– Set up your itinerary
– Ask quotes from vendors for your event
– Set up and beautify Powerpoint presentations
– Do research for any project (e.g. meeting room, find office space etc.)

– Keep track of  every receipt of every purchase and help you to shop quicker and smarter
– We make purchases on your behalf after your approval
– Keep track of your budget
– Manage monthly expense reports
– Track and manage mileage reimbursement
– Collate and categorize all your recipts
– Create invoices and send these on your behalf to your customers

– Set up and post vacancies online
– Screen incoming CV’s & plan interviews with candidates
– Highlight important events like birthdays, anniversary etc. and arrange gifts for this

Personal Matters
– Arrange your holiday
– Schedule your appointments with your doctor/dentist/hairdresser/personal trainer
– Set up an appointment at the garage for your car
– Arrange and send gifts on your behalf to your personal contacts
– Book tickets for theatre, cinema etc.