We support your company or help you arranging private matters, ongoing or just for a one-time assignment. Up to you!
The difference with a virtual assistant is that we’ll be present at your office (and at any required events) during office hours from Monday to Friday. Please inform us accordingly if you need our services during the weekend or after office hours during the week.

Below some tasks we can do for you on the ground:

Organisation & Planning
– Complex diary management (plan & prepare meetings via VC or conference calls)
– Control of your inbox (screen and follow up)
– Screen and follow up incoming calls
– Travel arrangements (local & international), including Visa, taxi & making reservations
(hotel, taxi, rental car etc.) all against the best deals
– Set up your itinerary
– Facility management (order office materials, arranging lunch, contact for security and/or
cleaning company etc.)
– Back up for receptionist
– Organise events such as workshops, conference, teamdays, press conference, office
parties etc. and act as hostess during these events
– Set up and beautify Powerpoint presentations

– Keep track of  every receipt of every purchase and help you to shop quicker and smarter
– We make purchases on your behalf after your approval
– Keep track of your budget
– Create PO numbers for vendors
– Manage monthly expense reports
– Track and manage mileage reimbursement
– Collate and categorize all your recipts
– Create invoices and send these on your behalf to your customers

– Set up and post vacancies online
– Screen incoming CV’s & plan interviews with candidates
– Keep track of annual holidays of your team
– Set up induction program for new employees
– Highlight important events like birthdays, anniversary etc. and arrange gifts for this

Personal Matters
Some examples:
– Arrange your holiday
– Schedule your appointments with your doctor/dentist/hairdresser/personal trainer
– Set up an appointment at the garage for your car and/or have it cleaned
– Arrange and send gifts on your behalf to your personal contacts
– Book tickets for theatre, cinema etc.
– Arrange the move to a new house
– Arrange family/birthday parties, anniversaries etc.
– Just any task that it’s legal and ethical correct!